{FB Chat} Conscious Discipline: Raising Happy, Confident, and Resilient Kids

October 2, 2015

Our September Facebook chat featured two guests from The Rise School of Austin: Program Director Megen Glass M. Ed., and pre-kindergarten teacher Adrian Walton.

The Rise School is a fully-inclusive program that supports all students’ and families’ educational goals. From their mission: “At Rise about 60% of children have mild to moderate developmental delays and about 40% are traditional learners, or children without disabilities. The inclusion of children of differing abilities at Rise is known as an integrated environment or inclusion and is the core of our Mission and Philosophy.”NICU 101 Hand to Hold Facebook chat

Megen and Adrian gave tips and answered questions on Conscious Discipline and how it can help you raise happy, confident, and resilient kids. Topics covered included:

  • What is an inclusive society?
  • What social and emotional skills do kids need at school, and how can we help them develop these skills?
  • How can parents decide if their preemie is ready for kindergarten?
  • What are the Seven Powers of Self Control?
  • How can you calm your child during in-the-moment situations, i.e. meltdowns?
  • How can you help a non-verbal child learn self-regulation skills?
  • How can parents tell the difference between a child being bored/hungry/distracted, or some kind of potential developmental or educational diagnosis?

Find the entire chat below:

Good afternoon and WELCOME to today’s NICU 101 Facebook chat. Today our topic is Conscious Discipline: Raising Happy, Confident, and Resilient Kids.

Posted by Hand to Hold on Tuesday, September 15, 2015