{FB Chat} Keeping Spirits Bright

December 30, 2015

NICU 101-2

Our latest Facebook chat took place on December 16, 2015. Special guest Jen Simmons talked to us about keeping spirits bright during the holidays and how to cope with the many emotions that accompany the season.

jen simmons, LPCJen is a Licensed Professional Counselor whose professional experience includes over 15 years of conducting individual, marriage and group therapy with a wide array of populations and presenting issues, both chronic and highly acute. Jen feels she was made to be a therapist, “the one who everyone came to with their hurts and relationship issues. It’s where I want to be – if someone is hurting, I don’t want them to suffer alone.”

If someone is hurting, I don’t want them to suffer alone.

The holidays can be difficult for parents for many reasons: some may be adjusting to having their NICU graduate home, or some may be in isolation and unable to see family during RSV season. Some may be spending this Christmas in the NICU, and other still may be grieving the loss of a child. Our Facebook chat touched upon the following topics:

  • How to make the holidays less lonely for families in isolation
  • Tips for juggling expectations of family who may not understand the complexities of navigating the holidays with a high-needs baby.
  • Suggestions for keeping the peace while setting boundaries with family.
  • Why do we find ourselves stressed or sad over the holidays, and how can we overcome that?
  • “I’m just not motivated to do it all this holiday. I don’t really care this year; I just want to get through. Is something wrong with me?”
  • Handling possible disappointment of older siblings, with so much focus on a high-needs baby or baby in the NICU.
  • Tips for nurturing the connection with your partner during the busy emotional roller coaster of the holiday season.
  • For those in the NICU, how can families remember to take time and celebrate this season? Why is it important that they do so?

See the entire chat below:

Good afternoon and WELCOME to today’s NICU 101 Facebook chat. Today our topic is Keeping Spirits Bright: Emotional Care…

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