Flowers and Butterflies: A Memorial for Our Preemie

July 25, 2012

The spring and summer seasons bring flowers and butterflies. Both have special meaning for us now.

When Caitlyn passed away there were a lot of flowers and a dear friend actually gave us a shrub for our garden for her memory.  It is called a “Pink Princess.” We take good care of it, and when it blooms my heart smiles.  I have always felt white butterflies are sent to me from Caitlyn.  When she first passed away they used to hit my windows at home and at work.  Today they still fly around me really close and touch the car.  As much as I wish it was Caitlyn being six-years-old running around the garden with the butterflies and picking flowers, my reality is different.  Every little thing like the butterflies and flowers just make her close to me.

At the cemetery we always have pretty flowers for her.   Zoe, my daughter that is almost four, likes to pick the flowers for Baby Caitlyn.  One day, I know she will ask more about Caitlyn and the cemetery, but for now our ritual and outing works for us.