Free Printable :: Germ Free Zone Sign

August 5, 2013

So often it is difficult for family and friends to understand exactly how frightening RSV and flu season is for NICU parents.  What might be like the common cold for a healthy adult or older child can be devastating for our little ones who need just a little more time to grow and become stronger.

As NICU parents, we can’t be afraid to speak up for our little ones. It is our job to protect them the best we can.  While family and friends are usually well-intentioned, unless they’ve been through what we’ve been through, it can be difficult for them to understand all of the precautions we must take.

So, we’ve created a friendly reminder you can use, and we’re offering it today as a free printable!

This Germ Free Zone Sign is a 5″x7″ image – perfect to throw in a frame or to post on the wall/door in your entryway.  You could also print it out and send it to family and friends.  Another idea would be to share the graphic via social media and e-mail.

To download the sign for printing, simply click here.

Voila!  It’s a perfectly polite way to warn incoming visitors of your health concerns!  🙂