I can’t wait for her to walk!

March 12, 2018

preemie toddler walking

To those wishing for your preemies to crawl and walk, you may also want to wish that:

1. They will feel confident and proud to meet each milestone and not at all embarrassed about the social media postings, videos, and photography we share.

2. They will be able to slow down or stop, instead of moving full force into walls, corners, tables, chairs, and other people.

3. All corners will magically become round and soft before the impact.

4. Staircases will magically become flat surfaces to cross with ease.

5. All surfaces are sanitized before their hands hit the ground, and especially if they face-plant into dirt.

6. During play time no child shall be head-butted, knocked over, pushed, dragged, stepped or fallen upon.

7. When you call, “Be careful!” or “Watch out!” it actually helps.

8. You will never need a toilet break, a shower, or a phone call while they are mobile and out of sight.

9. Finding good shoes will be easy and within budget.

10. You always have more energy to keep up.

11. You will not panic when you see blood from a fall, but instead react with care and reassurance.

12. They won’t do that wiggle-out-of-your hand thing when you need them to hold on.

13. They will not dart across a busy street to pet a dog or chase a butterfly.

14. Other parents won’t gasp when they hear how old or tiny your preemie is.

15. They will always remember to hold your hand, and will smile at you while doing so.