Introducing Season 6: Life After a NICU Admission

January 31, 2024

You’ve been admitted to the NICU or you’re in the thick of raising a NICU baby and you look around and might wonder how this is your life and what’s next – for your baby, your family and your life. THIS is the season that will serve you during your NICU admission and long after your discharge. In season 6 – life after a NICU admission – we tackle postpartum depression and anxiety, paid parental leave, medical billing/insurance, a dad’s perspective, pelvic floor physical therapy, sex and intimacy, exercise/nutrition and sharing your story on social media.

About Kathryn:

Kathryn WhitakerKathryn Whitaker is the author of Live Big, Love Bigger, an award-winning book about living an intentional life and how her NICU baby helped her get there. She’s a sixth-generation Texan who loves queso, cowboy boots and southern hospitality. On social media and her blog, Kathryn shares her honest take on family life and living in the chaos, all while drinking Dr Pepper and cheering on the Texas A&M Aggies. She has appeared in USA Today, radio and TV stations around the country and is a frequent guest/sometimes host on SiriusXM Radio. Kathryn and her husband, Scott, live with their six children in Austin, Texas.

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Instagram: @kathrynwhitakertx

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