Jessica’s Birth Story

May 26, 2013

I was at home and had some feelings that something was not right. I called my doctor and they said that if anything had changed to call them and they could get me in. I felt okay and the next day I had some discharge and it looked funny. So I called the doctors office and they made me an appointment. It was with another doctor in the office… they took me back and said okay we are going to check you to see if we see anything. The doctor then puts the speculum in and then says okay, we are going to get a ultrasound then said he would be back. He came back in after he talked to another doctor and said is anyone with you and I said no why. Then he went on to tell me I was not going home, that they were keeping me because I was hourglassing which is when your sac is hanging halfway out of your uterus. I was only 23 weeks at the time and was 2 and a half cm dilated. They admitted me to the hospital and had me put in trendelenburg which is when your head of the bed is down to have gravity hopefully help move the sac back up. The next day they checked me and said my sac had gone back up. They said I would stay on hospital bed rest until I had the baby. Then a doctor came in and gave me the odds of my baby living at 23 weeks and 5 days… they said if I hold off until 24 weeks the odds go up a lot. My mom was staying with me but she had a test in college she had to take and my boyfriend was working. My doctor had told me she was going on vacation the next week and not to have the baby until she gets back – she told me that on Friday before she left for vacation. On Monday they were going to move me to the high risk floor because I was not contracting and the baby was doing okay. I was just waiting for a room and my nurse was getting new patients because I was going upstairs. I had asked if it was okay if I got up to go to the bathroom and the nurse said yes. I went to the bathroom and felt a bump when I was wiping. I then pulled the emergency cord in the bathroom and my nurse came in and I told her what was going on and she looked and my sac was hanging out.  They paged the doctor and then they got the ultrasound to see how he was and he was head first. They then broke my water and were monitoring the baby and then they could not hear his heartbeat anymore. They then did another ultrasound and saw that he had flipped but not all the way. His head was at my right hip. They had then told me that I would have to have a c-section. I was at the hospital by myself. One of the nurses had asked if they could call someone and I had them call my mom. They told her she probably would not make it for the birth. She made it and I was really scared because I did not know what was going to happen. So they were telling me about the epidural and was going to have me sign a paper.  I felt like I urinated, they then checked me and I was bleeding out – my placenta had separated. They then rushed me to the OR and put me to sleep. I woke up afterwards wondering if he was okay, but no one knew anything because after I had him they took him away. I had him at 24 week and 2 days. He was 1 lb and 10oz. Born August 13th and was 13in long. He spent 122 days in the nicu and had many ups and downs. He is now 6 months and weighs almost 15 lbs.