Kelly’s Birth Story – Part 3

May 22, 2012

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After I was brought back to my room and started to make sense of all that was happening, I could still not fathom the road ahead. Most of the day I was feeling fine, but into the night was when things really took a turn for me. Post surgery effects that could not have been expected or understood until they happen to you.

The magnesium that I was on to prevent seizures, was THE WORST. I was convinced that I was going to die and not see my baby. I had the itches like no other. My hubby finally called the nurses because of it. I just thought it was post partum and it was not. The spinal can cause this and I was given an “amazing” drug and I was itchy no longer.

Thank goodness for the NICU staff, sending up pictures. My husband who was back and forth a million times. Also my sister for given information to the NICU staff that I could not answer. One being my babies name, so she was not “baby no name”.

As the next 24 hours went by and I was taken off the magnesium, I could see a light at the end of this horrible 24 hours.

As I was wheeled down to mom & baby, I was able to stop in and see Tea. She was tiny, and I was scared to touch her. My husband had not held her, since he wanted me to be the first to do so. There in my arms was this little fighter who changed my life and heart forever.

The next 30 days seemed like they would never end. From learning to eat, jaundice, eye infection, and alarms. Yet each day she got stronger, we got stronger and became who I am today. As we get closer to her 2nd birthday, it’s hard to believe where this battle began.

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