Life After NICU? He’s Still a NICU Dad + {Free Printable!}

June 12, 2014

As your NICU days end and you take your baby home, things start to feel normal. Well, a ‘new’ sort of normal. But, life after the NICU can sometimes be just as scary, instead now, there’s no nurse to help you know how to care for your baby.

That’s why Hand to Hold encourages NICU families to take advantage of our online forum, Life After NICU, where NICU parents can ask questions, chat with other parents who’ve been there, and enjoy resources for post-NICU life.

Do you have a question you’d like to have answered about life after the NICU? Hop on over to our Facebook page and send our moderators a message. Messages are posted both anonymously and with names and can include questions or even just happy shares.

Don’t forget to stop by to help other NICU parents too – your experience may help someone else feel better about their situation and NICU parents need to stick together!

And dads? Well, they’ll always be a NICU dad, and we invite them to get involved too. Speaking of dads… let’s celebrate the NICU dad in our lives with this cute Subway art that you can print out, fill out, and enjoy! Just click on the image to see the downloadable version. 

Happy Father’s Day NICU dads!

Father's Day Subway Art