More Children After Prematurity?

July 18, 2012

“With your preeclampsia being so severe, your chances of this happening again are 50/50. I’m not telling you not to have more kids; I just want you to be aware of your chances. There is a good chance that you will have to be on bed rest for a few months with another pregnancy and you’ll have a toddler to consider, too.”

Hearing that from my high-risk obstetrician made my heart heavy. Even though I hadn’t immediately planned to have more children, I felt like the option was being taken from me.

After discussing the new information with my husband, we decided not to specifically try to have more children.  Some of the questions we asked ourselves were:

Do we want another baby?

What if another baby isn’t as healthy? What if another baby doesn’t make it?

How can we handle me being on bed rest for months? Financially? Emotionally?

How would Roxy deal with me being on bed rest or spending large amounts of time away from home at the NICU?

What if something happens to me and the baby?

There are so many situations and “what if’s” to consider when you have to make a decision that could affect each member of your family in a different way.

Some days I am thankful for a medical provider being honest and candid with me. I have a good idea of what another pregnancy would entail. I know the risks and complications and the consequences.

Other days I wish he hadn’t said anything. We could have possibly had a second baby with no problems or complications. I would have experienced a full-term pregnancy and brought home a healthy 7-pound baby after a 2-day hospital stay.

As with everything, every family has to make the decision that is best for them. Our decision is based on our family and what we feel is best for us. If God wants us to have more children, it will happen just as it is supposed to. If not, we have been blessed more than we deserve with Roxy.

Have you had children after a preemie? Decide not to have any more? How did you decide whether or not to have more children?