I Never Knew There Could be a Future So Bright

June 25, 2018

Last week my husband and I took our son, a former 24-weeker, on his first college visit. I was overcome with emotion as we sat through orientation, remembering the long months in the NICU, when I wondered if he would even survive, much less graduate with academic honors from high school.

My mind cycled through the many milestones we’ve achieved as a family:

The first time I changed his diaper in the NICU.

Jackson’s first birthday, which made me surprisingly emotional.

Watching him welcome his younger sister into the world.

Sending him to his first sleep away camp.

His first interception in football.

And now his upcoming senior year and impending graduation from high school.

futuresobright, #futuresobright, former preemie, former micro preemie, hand to hold

Jackson, former micro preemie, soon to be high school senior.

Hand to Hold’s summer awareness campaign, #FutureSoBright, is a reminder of the incredible futures that lie ahead for our NICU graduates. But to ensure these outcomes, their parents need support, education and access to resources throughout their journey.

We are inviting you: our donors, sponsors, parents, NICU professionals, volunteers and other supporters to participate in #FutureSoBright.

I founded Hand to Hold after many long years of struggling to find the emotional support I needed, while juggling the medical needs and seemingly endless therapy appointments for my son. During these times, I never could have imagined what his future may be.

Because of you, our incredible supporters, the future of Hand to Hold is brighter than ever, and in turn, so is the future of thousands of NICU families who are receiving the support they need.

I’ve got my shades ready. Let’s all embrace the bright futures of our families. Make your gift of $10 or more today to receive your own pair of #FutureSoBright shades, then share your photos and story with us!