New NICU Dad Discussions Episodes!

June 17, 2021

NICU Dad Discussions new epsiodes

New episodes of NICU Dad Discussions just dropped! Listen now for discussions about parenting micro preemies, raising a NICU grad through the teen years, navigating the NICU at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

Episode 9: Henry Medrano

Henry discusses his experience of his wife being on bedrest then giving birth to their twins, how having a micro preemie changed his outlook of being in the NICU, and how he navigated his NICU experience and the challenges facing his sons during the NICU stay and after.



Episode 10: Troy Bayse

Troy tells the story of wife, Rebecca, going into pre-term labor during the pandemic, as well as being in the NICU with COVID precautions in place. He describes the emotional toll of not being able to see his daughter in the NICU for three weeks.



Episode 11: From Tiny to Teen: Adjusting Expectations with a Micro Preemie as They Grow

NICU dad Fabian Tejedor shares his story of having a micro preemie daughter in 2002, the anxiety of his wife’s high-risk pregnancy after loss, and how he and his wife have learned to adjust their expectations at each stage of their daughter’s life, from birth to the teen years.



Episode 12: Adam Wood of My Preemie Adventures

NICU dad and author Adam Wood shares his NICU story of his son’s delivery at just 25 weeks, the feelings of guilt and failure he felt in not being able to protect his wife and child, and how he’s bringing NICU parents together with his book, My Preemie Adventures.




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