NICU Milestone Beads

hand to hold NICU milestone beads

Celebrate the milestones.

100% of proceeds from all store sales help allow Hand to Hold, a national nonprofit 501(c)(3), to provide free support services to NICU families before, during and after a NICU stay or loss of a baby.

When your baby is born early or with special healthcare concerns, milestones have a very different meaning.

Celebrate each step in your NICU baby’s journey with Hand to Hold’s NICU Milestone Beads. 

Hand to Hold’s NICU Milestone Beads celebrate each special step in your NICU journey. First bath, first clothes, first diaper, first feeding, and kangaroo care are just a few of the milestones our necklaces commemorate. Customize your necklace today.

hand to hold NICU milestone beads
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