NICU Nurses, Worthy of Super Hero Status

September 14, 2012
Nurse Karla and Jackson

Jackson’s NICU Nurse Karla

As we prepare to kick off the third annual Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest, it is the perfect time to reflect upon the super heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes in NICUtropolis to ensure babies born too soon, too small or too sick have the extra help they need to take on the world!

Using every weapon in their arsenal, NICU nurses help babies in their care to defeat evil villains such as the pesky, all-powerful oscillator machine and to leap tall hurdles such as learning to bottlefeed without forgetting to breathe! NICU nurses may wear hospital issued scrubs rather than capes, but they are as stealthy as Spiderman and have nerves of steel that could rival Superman. They ease the minds of tired and frightened parents while wielding medications with one hand and changing diapers with the other. Much like a super hero they shun the spotlight, but their talent and dedication to their field entitles them to a day of appreciation and praise.

Saturday, September 15 is National Neonatal Nurses Day. While no card or gift could ever adequately express our gratitude, we at Hand to Hold want to say thank you to these amazing men and women who have dedicated their lives to ensuring our babies soar.

Batman has been described as a watchful protector. Any parent who has had to leave their baby in the care of a NICU nurse, knows the significance of this mighty role. So to the fearless NICU nurses across the country, we thank you for giving of your time, talent and heart to love and care for our babies and our entire family during our NICU stay. We hope the Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest will bring you much joy as you celebrate and remember the countless lives you have touched.