NICU Parent Perspective: Glimmers of My Early Treasures

February 1, 2021
NICU baby, NICU support, NICU family, hand to hold, baby in isolette

Josie’s daughter, one day old

by Josie Glausiusz

NICU baby, NICU family, NICU support, hand to hold, preemie

Josie’s son, one day old

NICU graduates, twins, preemie twins, NICU support, hand to hold

Josie’s children, age three-and-a-half, nurturing their own “babies.”

Read Josie’s Scientific American article: “A Simple Blood Test Could Detect a Deadly Disorder in Pregnant Women.”



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Josie Glausiusz is a journalist in Israel who writes about science and the environment for magazines, including Nature, National Geographic, Hakai, Undark and Sapiens. From 2013 to 2015 she wrote the weekly On Science column for the American Scholar. Glausiusz is the author of Buzz: The Intimate Bond between Humans and Insects. Follow her on Twitter @josiegz.