Preemie Power is Back – Enter Your Super Hero Today

September 30, 2013

Preemie Power 2013A child’s NICU stay is paved with strong emotions — of sadness, fear and stress balanced with hope, amazement, love and wonder. Whether your child’s stay was short or long, we bet they inspired you with their super hero powers — their strength, bravery and resilience to rival that of Superman, Wonder Woman and all of our comic book super heroes.We NICU parents are some of the few who have witnessed the amazing feat of a child being able to conquer NICU challenges such as breathing, eating, thriving, maintaining their temperature, reaching milestones, conquering setbacks and beating the odds!

Celebrate Your Super Hero

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Fourth Annual Preemie Power Photo and Essay Contest is now open for entries! The Contest celebrates our little super heroes and shares hope with fellow NICU families who may need some encouragement. We hope you will enter the contest this year and share your preemie power story to help us raise awareness of life after the NICU and how far our little super heroes have come!  Winners will be announced November 19th during Prematurity Awareness Month and appropriately just before Thanksgiving.

Adeline DPrizes

The 2013 Preemie Power Contest Overall Winner will receive an Apple iPad with Retina display Wi-Fi 16G valued at $500 courtesy of Neotech. Top prize winners for the remaining four age categories (excludes Grand Prize winner) will win a prize worth at least $250 including Prize Packages from sponsors such as BabyBjörn.  The top entry with the most votes will receive the Thundering Thurston Award, including a gloworm or other age-appropriate toy. An award not based on votes, the Staff Favorite Award, will also receive a prize.

Raise Awareness & Have Fun

We believe that everyone who participates is a winner, and we will make every effort to include as many stories on our Preemie Power blog  & Hand to Hold Facebook page as we can to share hope and inspiration with future families. Read more about how the contest works and watch for our hashtag #preemiepower, too!  We can’t wait to see your precious little ones and hear about their amazing journeys!