Children’s Books About Prematurity

September 22, 2016

This page contains affiliate links. Hand to Hold only recommends products we’ve either personally checked out ourselves or come from people we know and trust. For doing so, Hand to Hold may receive a commission, which helps us fund the development of the valuable resources we provide to NICU families.

How do you explain delicate topics of prematurity, loss and the NICU to a child? The following books have been reviewed and recommended for parents looking to teach children about their own journey through prematurity or looking to support the sibling of a preemie.

For even more books for children, specifically siblings of premature babies, visit our Sibling Support section of the Hand to Hold website.

soon jessica watsonSoon by Jessica Watson

Soon is a simple, yet lovely story about a baby born prematurely, whose family anxiously awaits the day when she comes home. Read Leigh Ann’s review of Soon here.


The Story of… by Kate Polley

After the loss of one of her premature twins, Kate Polley started creating personalized books for families who have experiences a loss. Read Kate’s story here.


Peanut: A Storybook for Mighty Preemies by Lindsay Nolan

Sometimes preemie parents take their traumatic NICU experiences and turn them into something positive. Preemie mom, Lindsay Nolan, is one of these parents. Read Andrea’s review of Peanut here.

go preemies book cover book review

Go Preemies! by A.P. Male

Andy’s motivation for writing Go Preemies! was to write a book about some of the greatest minds who were preemies, like him. He wanted to know if they experienced the same struggles with learning and development. Read Katie’s review of Go Preemies! here and check out the Go Preemies! app.

i was a preemie just like you, preemie books

I Was a Preemie Just Like You by Ali Dunn

With colorful graphics and easy to understand language, I Was a Preemie Just Like You is a simple story that shows young preemies not only what they went through, but that they are not alone. Preview I Was A Preemie Just Like You.

good things small packages, preemie books

Good Things Come in Small Packages (I Was a Preemie) by Candy Campbell

Good Things Come In Small Packages (I Was A Preemie) is a delightful story of one little person’s journey of realization as he discovers his difficult beginnings, and the real meaning of love. Suitable for children ages 0-8.

born early preemie book

Born Early: A Premature Baby’s Story for Children by Lida Lafferty

This award-winning book follows baby Carrie from her premature birth to her homecoming. Find Born Early: A Premature Baby’s Story for Children here.