Baby Bubbles Customizable Onesies

July 28, 2016
Baby Ruby, the inspiration behind Baby Bubbles

Baby Ruby, the inspiration behind Baby Bubbles Photo credit: Teresa Skrepenski

The giveaway for this review has ended, but please keep reading to learn more about Baby Bubbles! We were graciously given onesies for review. All opinions are that of the blog contributor. Don’t forget to visit the end of the post for the giveaway!

Inspired by the premature birth of her niece in 2013 Ruby, Teresa Skrepenski was inspired to create Baby Bubbles, a clothing line of onesies and interchangeable Velcro patches with traditional and cute messages like “Baby Trucker” or “Daddy’s Girl.” Baby Ruby weighed 2 pounds, 1 ounce and was 14.5 inches long at birth and her early start even inspired the name. The name Baby Bubbles is a take on how preemie babies begin their lives.  Skrepenski said, “When preemies are born they begin their lives in an incubator (bubble), where their environment is controlled and sterile.”

Before founding Baby Bubbles, Skrepenski started her own firm, Skrepenski & Associates, to provide grant counseling and prospect research for state and local governments and private organizations.

Photo credit: Teresa Skrepenski

Photo credit: Teresa Skrepenski

As a parent of preemie who spent over six months in the hospital attached to oxygen and feeding tubes and other sensors, I remember how frustrating and what a hassle wardrobe changes for my son were, especially because it meant temporarily unhooking is oxygen cannula and pausing his  continuous feed. Unlike parents of healthy kids who may have had endless wardrobe options for errands or playdates, our quiet lives in the hospital meant no one but doctors and nurses saw what Theo was wearing unless I posted it to social media. The removable patches would have made our photo shoots a little easier.

Speaking of photo shoots, the Baby Bubble patches also come in 1 month to 12 month birthday patches. Unlike the disposable monthly stickers, these can are gender-neutral and can be reused with multiple children.  The onesies are 100% cotton and range in size from newborn to 24 months. And if your preemie is anything like my 21-month old who has yet to hit 19 pounds, they will be able to wear them for quite a while!

Photo credit: Teresa Skrepenski

What is even more impressive than Skrepenski’s inspiration for Baby Bubbles is how she is continuing to give back to the preemie community.

“After watching my sister and family go through the challenges that come with having a preemie baby, I was inspired to create Baby Bubbles and a foundation to help families like mine. My hope is to help as many families of preemie babies as possible with funds received from the sale of these onesies. I understand the ups and downs families go through during the first few months of their preemie baby’s life. Baby Bubbles has given me a way to directly support and uplift the lives of these special babies and families.”

Skrepenski says that she is passionate about giving back and takes after her grandmother who loves to give back. “Throughout the years I have felt the most complete when I’m helping someone in need. If you can make a couple of bucks, you can give a couple of bucks.”


And now for the giveaway! Baby Bubbles has graciously given us several two (2) sets of two (2) 6-month onesie and patch sets to give away to two lucky readers. Just enter using the Rafflecopter below!

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