Reflections of a Preemie Mom

December 26, 2014

Since even before I became a mother to my preemies, I often used this time of the year for reflection. This poem came to me in one of these times. May you bring home your miracle babies soon!


T’was the morning after Christmas, and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.

I’d gotten up early, and brewed some coffee…
In hopes the aroma would help waken me.

I pulled out my journal, uncapped my pen,
And began my ritual of reflections – quite zen.

Something special from this year, something I would hold dear.
Something hard to endure, that would cause me to fear?

I sat and I thought and I pondered some more…
There was only one thing – it had rocked me to the core.

It was special and scary and surreal, all in one…
It was the day you were born, a mere 2 lbs. My son.

How I cried and I begged and I prayed and I pleaded…
That God would grant me what we most needed.

With every medicine, every surgery, every set-back you see…
I remember thinking, I wish it were me.

As the hours passed, the days, the weeks – three or four…
I grew to feel hopeful I’d hold you once more.

I sang to you; sweetly and softly and sure…
Then paused as I needed to gain composure.

In came the doctors who showed you such care,
With test results and updates they wanted to share.

What was this? Some news about you coming home?
It was sudden; I’d gotten used to you inside that dome.

But we prepped and we readied and became filled with joy…
The moment we brought home our miracle boy.

My preemies' first Christmas home

My preemies’ first Christmas home