Episode 27: Preeclampsia: What You May Not Know

December 18, 2023

Guest: David Berry, M.D., Maternal Fetal Medicine

In this episode:

  • Name three signs of preeclampsia
  • Explain what “new sire” syndrome means in relation to preeclampsia
  • List two common clinical signs/symptoms of a baby in the NICU if his/her mom had preeclampsia

About Dr. Berry:

david berry hand to holdDr. Berry is a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine, a branch of obstetrics that manages and treats complicated and high-risk pregnancies. He is a native Texan and moved to Austin in 1978. He graduated from the University of Texas followed by his medical training in Galveston, Ft. Worth and Houston. He was the founder of Austin Perinatal Associates in 1997 and has served the women of central Texas with complex pregnancies since that time. He is an expert in pre-eclampsia, critical care obstetrics, cancer in pregnancy and cervical cerclage, and currently is employed under Texas Children’s Hospital as they expand their footprint into central Texas.




Connect with Dr. Berry:

Website: women.texaschildrens.org/program/maternal-fetal-medicine/locations 

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