Episode 29: Perinatal Mental Health: How to Start the Conversation

March 19, 2024

Guest: Dr. Stephanie Waggel, MD, MS, PMH-C,
Psychiatrist, Medical Director Improve Life PLLC

In this episode:

  • List two things that make a patient susceptible to PMADS (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders).
  • Describe two treatment options for PMADS.
  • Explain what makes the drug, Zuranolone, so effective for treating postpartum depression.

About Dr. Waggel:

stephanie waggel, hand to hold NICU Heroes podcast, perinatal mental healthDr. Stephanie Waggel is a mother, physician, author, motivational speaker, teacher, cancer survivor, marathon runner, and founder of Improve Medical Culture. She has a degree in psychology, biology and medicine and has over 17 years of experience working in the mental health field. In 2023, Dr. Waggel became certified in perinatal mental health. Specifically, advanced studies in perinatal psychopharmacology (medication for pregnant people). She feels this area is understudied and pregnant women deserve an educated professional to provide correct diagnosis and treatment. She started a free therapy group for this population, and heavily advocates for expansion and integration of PMADs care. 

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