Thank You to the Fathers of Preemies

June 10, 2013

Ben and Kylie Belle

Our Kylie was born ten weeks early due to my diagnosis with preeclampsia. I knew something was wrong when I was 29 weeks pregnant and my head hurt so bad that I was vomiting and could barely see. My husband rushed me to the emergency room. It all seems like a blur but one thing I remember was my sweet husband.

The doctor told me that my blood pressure was very high and that he was concerned. All I could think about was getting some relief from my headache and it was all I could focus on. After the doctor left, I looked at my husband who had tears in his eyes. I said “What did they say exactly?” and he said, “Your blood pressure is REALLY high, but everything will be ok.” He came over and kissed me on the forehead and played with my hair. He knows that is one of my favorite things, and it helps me relax.

That was the start of a very scary journey with my best friend. He was there for me, to comfort me and to encourage me. We were transported to a town two hours away that would take on preemies under 34 weeks. Ben still had to work and go to school in our home town so it was very difficult on him to be away from us. I often was jealous that he got to go live a ‘normal’ life, and will admit I began feeling resentment towards him when we were not grieving the same way.  He still visited on his days off and as much as he could. Six weeks went by and we were able to bring our princess home.

Kylie is now three and I am still in awe of the amazing man and dad he is to our daughter, and now our one-year-old son. I don’t know how I would have been able to survive those six weeks without his support, even if we were reacting to things differently, I see how he was always there for me to cry with, to laugh with, and all the moments he would sit with me in silence and play with my hair.

Thank you, Ben. I am thankful to you as my partner for life and the father of our beautiful babies. We hit the daddy jackpot! Thank you to all of the dads who were there for their wives and the continued support you give us daily.