The Death of a Child, Seven Years Later

April 8, 2013

babieswithnecThrough my website, I network with parents every week. With every story submission I walk down the memories of Caitlyn passing and feel the pain of the parent writing the story. I follow up with them when I publish the story online and, in some cases, our communication continues for months.

Recently, I read and published a story. The parents had lost their daughter in December and in my responses I always talk of Caitlyn. It was hard to believe it when I wrote she passed away almost seven years ago.

On April 5, Caitlyn should have been 7-years-old. I am sure she would have been an amazing, beautiful, strong young girl. I would have spoiled her, protected her, loved her so much. Today, I talk to her, feel her near and ask her to help me. She does help me, always has and as much as I know I have changed since losing her, I know it didn’t happen for a reason. I wish she was here but in life, we have to take what we get and do our best….somehow I do.