The Forgotten NICU Parent

April 27, 2015

Preemie Babies 101 is a misleading name for our blog. We’re about more than just preemies. We’re about the experience of the NICU as a whole, and those that write for us share those experiences with our readers even when it’s difficult to go back there. For you. To help you through a time when you don’t know where else to turn. For the NICU, yes, but also beyond. For those long days and sleepless nights at home when you aren’t sure the NICU didn’t just follow you home and make itself comfortable because you’re sure that you’ll never be out from under that experience. For when your child is still playing catch up from their time behind the NICU walls.

But what about the forgotten NICU parent?

What about YOU? The dads of the NICU. The parents of full term NICU babies. The special-condition-that’s-so-special-no-one-else-seems-t0-have-experienced-it parents.

What about those of you that want to shout, “But the term ‘preemie’ doesn’t apply to my baby!” Or those that become parents so young that the NICU staff talks over their heads or treats them like they couldn’t possibly understand? Or the grandparents seeking answers?

What about those of you that love our site and what it stands for, but just never seem to relate to an article you read here?

We know who you are. You’re the forgotten NICU parent…

And believe me, we don’t mean to forget you. In fact, we don’t WANT to forget you! The truth is, we’d love nothing more than to share your stories, your experiences, and your point of view.

But we can’t. We can’t because we haven’t been there ourselves, and doing so would only do a disservice to those of you that truly have. We want to tell your stories, but we don’t know them; the only stories we can tell are the ones we know.

We don’t mean to leave you out and we aren’t trying to ignore your needs. In truth, you’re actually not forgotten. You’re on our minds when we make our editorial calendars, when we comb through applications for the next blogger for our team, when we sit down for coffee to discuss the direction of the blog. We think about you all the time. And we want to make your stories more known.

Will you help us?

Will you or someone you know consider telling us your stories? We’re always looking for fresh perspective for our blog, and maybe, just maybe, your perspective is the one missing; the one our readers long for.

Simply go here to learn more about joining our team. We’re waiting for you!