This Should Have Been Your Birthday

October 17, 2012

So many of us can relate to the bittersweet anniversary of what should have been your child’s due date, but they came too soon.  One of our Facebook followers, Melissa Biesemeier, shared a sweet poem she wrote for her son, Daxton.

Holding son in the NICU

Photo credit: Cascamo Family

This Should Have Been Your Birthday

By Melissa Biesemeier

This should have been your birthday
With presents and balloons!
But you won’t be turning one today
For you were born too soon

A year ago this was your due date
It seemed so far away to meet you!
I thought that I just couldn’t wait
And apparently neither could you

Instead of bringing home my seven pound baby
Two days after he was born
I was hoping to bring you home by your due date MAYBE
For 60 days our world was torn

For you stayed in the NICU where they loved you so
And cared for you night and day
I saw you every night and I watched you grow
And dreamt of the time we could play

Now look at you! Such a big boy
14 months now instead of just a year
What’s in a number! You are such a joy
But I still shed a tear….

You would be meeting those milestones with not a hitch
I would have enjoyed 9 months of pregnancy bliss
But that for us was jut not quite meant to be…

You have taught us so much and you are so free
This is just the way it was supposed to be
We love you more than words can say

And in a strange and fantastic way
I am so happy you weren’t born this day
Because coming as far as you have makes you, well you!
And I love, love love love love! My Lil’ Bittle Boo 🙂

So sweet, Melissa! Thank you for sharing, and for allowing us to repost this on our site! 🙂