Happy Holidays from Hand to Hold

December 23, 2019
hand to hold

Sometimes I feel like life is in fast forward.  I want it to slow down a bit so I can truly appreciate the moments which are woven together to create this crazy, blessed life. 

There just never seems to be enough time to think, pray, reflect and celebrate the milestones. A NICU journey is often the same way. While your baby is in the NICU, life outside the hospital walls just continues to churn. Your days are stretched thin trying to care for your medically fragile child and balance life in and out of the NICU. 

One of our most treasured ways of supporting NICU families is through our NICU Milestone Bead program. When a baby is admitted to the NICU, the parent receives a silver stork charm on a necklace. Moving forward, the parents receive a new charm for each special milestone such as holding the baby, feeding the baby, changing the first diaper. While these are certainly occasions to celebrate with a full-term, healthy baby, they are truly treasured milestones in the NICU. Imagine waiting more than six weeks to hold your baby for the first time – now that occasion calls for celebration!

No doubt that the most coveted and treasured bead is the silver house given at NICU graduation. It is so meaningful to see NICU parents wearing their necklaces years after NICU graduation. They wear them with pride and as a reminder of the special moments that were woven into their NICU journey.

As we pause at the end of an amazing year to reflect on the impact Hand to Hold has had in the lives of countless NICU families, I would like to thank you for making our support services possible.  Without the support of our donors, volunteers, dedicated staff and amazing board of directors, we would not be there to celebrate the milestones with our NICU families. Thank you for helping us ensure every NICU family has a Hand to Hold.

With deepest gratitude,

Kelli Kelley

We hope you’ll consider making a gift this year to ensure NICU families get the support they need. Your tax-deductible gift to Hand to Hold can change the lives of families forever.

Thank you for helping give NICU families hope this holiday season and all year round.