Staff Spotlight: E-Commerce Coordinator Sara Schulz

October 21, 2019
Sara Schulz Hand to Hold

Meet Sara Schulz, our Senior E-Commerce Coordinator here at Hand to Hold. Sara originally came to Hand to Hold as a volunteer and now combines her enthusiasm for spreadsheets and helping people as our E-Commerce Coordinator. She is instrumental in talking to members of the NICU community about Hand to Hold’s programs and resources and most recently worked to create our Hand to Hold Family Store, where families can purchase NICU Milestone Bead kits for themselves or for a loved one. Let’s get to know Sara!

What do you do at Hand to Hold?

My title is Senior E-Commerce Coordinator. What that means is that I run our online store! I talk to customers about our materials, work with the leadership team to develop products, set up items on the website, and everything in between! I do a few other things with volunteers and events, but most of my day is about the online store. 

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Sara Schulz Hand to Hold
Sara and Hand to Hold founder Kelli Kelley at the 35th Annual National Association of Neonatal Nurses Conference (NANN) in Savannah, GA

The families! I look at my 32-weeker (who is now almost 7) and my 3-year-old every morning, and I think about how lucky I am to live in a world where Hand to Hold was here to support me during a NICU stay and then again with my anxiety during a totally uncomplicated pregnancy a few years later. Any time someone compliments me on my kids, I think about how they are great because I have an amazing community around me, helping me be the best, most sane version of myself. 

What has been your favorite part of being the E-Commerce Coordinator so far?

I am really interested in manufacturing, so any time we get new products in I am so excited. The little jewelry bags that we made for the NICU Milestone Bead necklaces are so sweet and perfect for our necklaces. 

5 random facts about Sara

  1. I am a really fast reader. If the content is not too dense, I can read about 100 pages an hour.
  2. I am a Girl Scout troop leader for a rambunctious group of first grade Daisies. 
  3. I love coffee. 
  4. My degree is in English, and I focused in folklore. 
  5. I have had season tickets to Broadway Across America with three of my girlfriends for the last three years. I love spending time with my friends and seeing a ton of great shows. 
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To learn more about how Hand to Hold can enhance the family support your hospital is already providing, contact Sara Schulz at or visit our website.